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Petition A Change For (Or A Solution To) Current Reward System, Rng


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This is a simple poll. I just want to test the waters, and generate some numbers to show everyone, both DE and the community, where we truly stand on this issue... as a community.

As I can not actually start a 'poll', please, limit your answers to either yes, no, or ... Some good suggestions. They have come up in here... Limit them to just a few sentences please. I'm really hoping that what ever the over all tone, it's reflected appropriately in game.

Thank you for participating.

(If undecided, or some where in the middle, you can say that too)

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RNG makes things exciting, the same way watching the ball bounce around a Roulette wheel or the columns on a slot machine spin around.


Can you honestly tell me right as you run up the stairs of the extraction you aren't excited to see what you get and when you finally get that item you want, you don't let out a nice "**** YES!" and race into the Foundry to claim your new goods?

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I think a hybrid between a token and RNG would be best, especially for the void. Clearly the more items they add to the void the worse it gets, so how many more prime items can they add before the entire thing falls apart?


So what if instead of getting a darka handle you get a handle token. Instead of a Latron Prime Barrel you'd get a Prime Barrel token. Instead of a Frost Prime Helmet you'd get a Prime Helmet token, etc.

Then once you have several Prime Barrel tokens you could trade them in for a Latron Prime Barrel, or a Boar Prime Barrel, etc.


This way there's still some RNG, but no matter how many prime items/frames they add your chance at getting a certain token probably won't change at all since they wouldn't even have to add stuff to the drop tables this way. It's just a matter of properly tweaking how many tokens you need for, for example, that Latron Prime Barrel.

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