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Mid Mission Relic UI


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it feels really bad that for a few seconds after picking our relics and starting the next phase in endless we can be damaged by enemies while not being able to control our characters. we should either get invulnerability for like 5 seconds after the mission starts up again or allow us to move and have full control over weapons and abilities immediately instead of having to wait for the Relic selection UI to fade away.

i did a really quick search to see if other people were talking about this but all i did was scan quickly, if this has been brought up already or if people are already posting about it a lot i apologise. it's just something that was annoying me.

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2 часа назад, nslay сказал:

I thought you did get invulnerability already? Just before the relic UI pops up, your health bar turns grey which I took to mean invulnerability?

Before the UI pop-up - yes, you get invulnerability. But after new round starts your health immediately is no more grey and you can be damaged while having no control over the situation for like 0,5-1,5 seconds, until UI hides itself.

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