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The Story Of The Mentally Defective Hostage


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So i was running through a Corpus alert mission, hoping to get some decent mods (Spoiler. I got a bunch of crappy fusion fodder.)Gonna go ahead and skip through getting to the hostage, as the rest was uneventful.


I opened her cell and the hostage and a data pack popped out, I had to sabotage the nav computer. No problem.


After leaving the jail i started to head towards what i assume is the bridge with the hostage following me, doing the usual stupidly wide turns and getting stuck on corners. Then hordes of angry Corpus started swarming us.


Not much of a problem except the hostage kept standing right in the middle of the crossfire and getting in the way of my aim.


There is a bug where you can get the hostage stuck in a safe place and still win the mission without them being anywhere near you, i hoped to lose her in a jump area, I did, but after i infected the nav console i had to get back through the jail.


After more uneventful slaughter and lots of running and swearing i got back to the hostage.


The particular tile we were in was the Corpus server room with the vent behind the big rectangle thing.


She literally stood right in my path when i tried to walk past it. Just standing there like nothing was wrong, with that blank expression. Except there was a large squad of very angry and probably equally confused crewmen behind her. Just drilling into her, She just kept standing there. No attempt at taking cover or even crouching, just taking the fire.


Anyway i got to extraction after saving her useless &#! getting her stuck in a vent filled with bodies.


TLDR: The hostage AI has less self preservation than a lemming and needs a lot of work. That bug with extraction is a godsend. I'd much rather kill the hostage rather than save them with the current AI.

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TLDR: The hostage AI has less self preservation than a lemming and needs a lot of work.


I agree with the sentiment but Lemmings are not suicidal, they are cute and have a good self preservation instinct. 


If you are talking about the game Lemmings, then they are not so much suicidal as they are capable of driving the player to suicide.

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i had the same problem but it was kinda better in my situation....the hostage was moving in circles ni front of a door so most of the shots was missing but still you got a point out there mate..P.s doing a mission with loki installed with energy siphon will help you switch teleport the hostage to a safe area or just to get him/her away from a corner or so...

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