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How to mod ignis



I see a lot of players saying ignis is good and i have always wanted to play with the wrath I have, but I can never seem to make it melt through enemies like other people can and I am wondering what I am missing.

I think I figured it out, is it supposed to be modded for hybrid? I always mod it for statis, so i never tried a crit mod on it, just did and brought the crit up a bit, and with it being a beam weapon it will get a few hits a second.

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This one is solid and suffices for almost any enemy.

Switch elements if so desired for different factions (Corrosive for Grineer and high level Infested (Ancients) or Gas for Corpus and low level Infested).

V. Armaments helps to upgrade your crits



Just now, Ka-Jin said:

What if i replace the vig armaments for hunter munition?

Wasted a Mod Slot. The Ignis kills enemies so fast you wouldn't even notice the slash procs

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Ignis Wraith has roughly 5 builds. It used to have 6-7 but it's crit was increased and a non-Crit build is no longer very good.

Beam weapon changes also alerted a few things.

  • Viral Crit Build (General use)
  • Corrosive Hybrid (Grineer)
  • Gas (Corpus Bane)
  • Corrosive Crit (Infested)
  • Rad + Viral (Utility)


My older Album of Ignis builds might be helpful for non-Shred builds but this was before terrain Punch-through was removed and before it's AoE was reduced so I'm not sure how useful.  https://imgur.com/a/BBjon

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