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Wisp Grey Pigment Farm



Soooo.....some time ago i started a clan just to do trades but bulding 1 room after a nother i ended up building a complete dojo with almost all of the reserch completed.The clan is a shadow tier r8 obv becouse of the reserch materials inc like crazy.
As the title says im curently reserching the Wisp grey pigment and in order to obtain em i need to kill Dargyn pilots.Yea....those f***ers!I don't know what the drop chance is from them but ,De, the drop rate is ridiculously low! Is there a more efficient way to farm this stupid pigment outside wandering in the plains like a complete idiot (3 hours of hunting dargyn pilots and around 40 or so killed with 0 pigment dropped) or from some bounty stages where they spawn?And before you ask "did you even start the dojo pigment ?" Anwser is yes! in this last week of farming i managed to obtain 160 pigments out of 1500.Obv im using a booster + smeta if the luck is on my side.

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For any other Tenno that find this post looking for an answer to this question, I believe that the bounty stage where you escort the grineer drone causes dargyns to continually spawn. As long as you stay away from the drone far enough that it doesn’t progress to its destination and keep it protected, it should make farming pigment drops easier.  Hope that helps.

Edit: After actually using this method for myself, I can confirm that it definitely works, but it’s still almost unbearably slow progress, bring a frame like Gara and take on a lower level bounty to make the drone last longer. Another tip is that the pigment drops straight down from where the pilot dies, then sometimes bounces and rolls, so pick it up quickly. I also found it useful to spawn a bunch of specters just before hacking the drone and activating it, then activating Archwing and flying away and upwards immediately, the specters wont follow you if you’re far enough away from the ground, so they’ll help protect the drone. Also, make sure to blow up any pilotless dargyns, just incase they count towards the spawncap or something.

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