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ARCHWING MISSIONS Enemy bars wierd shape + infinite range


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I have not played any AW missions for a while and today I have found out this "feature".

I have searched the patchnotes but cannot find anything on key word "archwing" so maybe the key word is different or it was not mentioned.


Basically the UI showing the enemy position in your screen changed for much much worse, because you cannot read from it anything beside the general enemy direction: 

You cannot see the number of enemies, you cannot most of the time see the range to enemies for various reasons (they can be behind the corner or on the other side of the map) and with many enemies and overlapping indicators it is often too hard to see the exact enemy position even if they are in your face.


Here are some screenshots:


In first one you can see there are some enemies in front, and some enemies behind (not on screen). The offscreen indicator is nice and clean, while the front indicator is a mess (plus the two closest enemies overlap each other).

In second you can see there are some enemies directly in front of you (bigger indicators) but in all honesty those only make the enemies position less clear, especially if there are overlapping indicators behind them (and there often are).

Third screenshot shows the exact thing. On the left there are indicators of enemies being over 2000 meters away and they are the exact same size as the enemies on right being less than 400 meters away. The lefty enemies have been seen on UI in the extraction point and the range was aprox. 3500 meters.




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Update. I played with this a bit and in open space missions it is absolutely impossible to aim on the target. You basically have to aim in general direction of the red square, but the square itself make the enemy inside it obstructed. My eye sees the bright red lines all over the place and some barely visible silhouette of the enemies behind them. I am completely unable to aim weapon that require any aiming and even Larkspur/Fluctus will miss majorty of time.


Does anyone have similar experience?

(probably not because nobody plays those missions anyway)

Being big fan of space-sim, space-combat genre I really liked them, until the change.

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