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Is there any plan for Executioner became a mini boss in normal mission?


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3 hours ago, so_many_watermelons said:

Akhek blueprint please. Or would it be Twin Heks since that's how Grineer like to name em?

dual-wield secondary prefixes for each faction:

Tenno: Ak (short for Akimbo)

Grineer: Twin

Corpus and some infested weapons: Dual.

so yeah, Twin Hek.

I wouldn't say no to them getting more attention since nobody really does Rathuum anymore, save for the occasional Endo Farmer and whenever Kela De Thaym is in the Sorties. also, I'd like if Vay Molta could drop a Blueprint for that double-headed Jat Kittag staff she wields: that thing looks awesome.

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7 hours ago, sharkstrangler said:

Those enemies were made for Rathuum, and will stay in Rathuum. Don't see any reason why we should have yet another thing along with

Magnetic Doors, Laser Gates, Team Doors, etc.

To slow down gameplay even further.

Wouldn't that be a waste of resources?

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