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Plague Star giving 1k standing upon completing it with 4 Eidolon Phylaxis and 4 Infested Catalyst


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Filling Bug Report from Reddit thread:


Detailed info from Redditor Quincyness 


I've had a similar problem with the bounty as well, not too sure if you're experiencing the similar situation. From my experience, it seems to be an issue with latency to the host (assuming you aren't hosting).


What seems to happen is during Stage 2, inserting the toxin into the mixer causes a delay for me. This means my UI doesn't load the stage correctly (thus I don't see a timer, nor a x/4 count for catalyst and phylaxis). Sometimes it will appear after 30s or so, but other times it just never loads the UI.

  • If it never loads the UI - i find that completing the bounty will only give you 1k. Probably because the game didn't register the phylaxis/catalyst because the UI wasn't loaded.

  • If it loads the UI - you should be all good.


As far as solutions go: waiting for dialog to finish before starting Stage 2 works some of the time, but most of the time the squad isn't willing to wait just cuz you asked. The other solution is be the person who inserts the toxin into the mixer. Something about you initiating the stage means that there isn't a delay, and the UI loads immediately (hence no glitched UI and missing standing).

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