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The gap close combo seems kind of underwhelming. The animation is obviously awesome and feels like a missed opportunity In DEs mission to make combos great again. Other than a buff to the dmg or the leap range/speed, I feel like a similar function to the exalted blade slide attack would make it more useful and fun. 


In much the way that Excal can incorporate slide attacks to quickly CC dangerous enemies, Wukong could slip into Cloud walker briefly when the leap animation starts. Evade, heal and cc with reduced effectiveness (lower stun range/duration, halves statuses instead of removing etc.) and reduced energy cost to the full ability while staying engaged with the melee system. At the moment, I feel like cloud walker should be a viable alternative to spinning/bullet jumping to get around but it feels clunky having to press 2 constantly. Plus it'd allow for some convenient *nothing personal kid* moments. 


For me, melee is at it's coolest when it synergizes with other gameplay functions, rather than just replacing them (status sidearm/condition overload set ups, navigator glaive set ups etc.) It's one of my favourite things about Excal and I think it's aligned with DEs vision for heroic melee. Maybe the solution to hyper-meta slide set-ups, contempt for the stance combo system and melee balancing is to introduce more non-murder-per-second related incentives for using certain weapons or certain combos. Just a gimmick maybe? Thoughts?

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