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General Opinion (Not Aimed Toward Everyone)


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Every time something of ill effect happens to the interests majority of players on how they want to play/ the game to be the a huge amount of hate is expressed toward the game developers and their efforts to make the game better for everyone.

I just want to say that your hate will be of no effect whatsoever in helping the game and sometimes those posts can hurt people's feelings and create stress for the developers whilst they vigorously try to fix the changes.


Things you can do:




1. Let your anger out by yelling aloud wherever you are.


2. Don't make a hate post but rather put a Thread or reply to a topic that shows your opinion on what's been changed or what you think should be implemented.


3. Remember that although you voice your opinion/ ideas, it may not always be heard/ or implemented. DON'T think it's YOUR game.












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