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Bird hunting is almost unplayable - please fix!


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Hi All,

sorry to report that hunting birds on the Plains of Eidolon is thoroughly broken when playing in squads. Condrocs and Mergoos that have been shot will (always and without fail) glitch high into the sky, and after eventually falling again the option to collect will be broken, i.e. it's displayed but can't be activated. Weirdly, this does not happen in Solo mode.

The one and only Woodland Mergoo I ever encountered was in a squad free-roam session, and after tracking and shooting it, all we could do in the end was stare at it on the ground and feel cheated out of a rare catch. Another time, I wanted to show the hunting mode to a friend - we got him equipped with a rifle, lures and everything - and ended up wasting over half an hour, having successfully caught nothing thanks to this glitch.

Hunting is supposed to be a lucrative way to boost Ostron Standing while out on missions, but right now it's nearly impossible to take advantage of it. I'm very suprised and disappointed at the severity of this bug. Please address it, DE!

Best regards,


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