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Number of enemies depends of party size?



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The area Makes an influence aswell, the more you progress and the higher the enemy level, the more enemies will be in said mission, so a defense in mercury will not be the same as a sortie defense on the same area.

But yes, player count does increase the number of enemies, the biggest jump is from 2 to 3 players, but there is always an increase.

Do note that a difficulty spike does happen when players leave the game, if you are let's say in arbitration wave 20 and all players leave and you decide to stay, while it's true the game will take in consideration that you are alone and will reduce enemy count, Wave 21 will still take in effect that there are 4 players since it takes a while for players to leave the session, meaning wave 21 will probably be one of the hardest waves you'll have, given that the game dumps as many enemies as possible despite being alone, wave 22 decreases the enemy count.

So carefull on the rotation transitions, since you might have to do what an entire team was doing, only happens for 1 wave but if you're not ready, you'll receive the full force of the faction you're facing.

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