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Plague Keewar Zaw Riven (Update)



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It isn't bad. If you really wanted to put in a God Riven, reroll it until you have either -damage to infested as a negative (or some useless stat like -puncture damage) and I'd say more range.

I see that you have a weird Hybrid build without Maiming Strike. Even with Blood Rush you only get normal crits until 5x multiplier and will never even reach orange crit territory. You also have no way to maintain that combo meter, making it almost useless.

Until you can get Maiming Strike, you either go as a Condition Overload build (remove Berserker and Blood Rush and replace them with more +60+60 mods) or go as a crit build, replacing Condition Overload (and maybe Reach) for either a +combo duration mod (Drifting Contact, Body Count or the Gladiator Mod) or True Steel to make Blood Rush usable. Also the two +60% mods would be changed to their +90% elemental counterparts.


That is if you want to maximize the potential of your weapon, I'm pretty sure that even with this setup everything on star chart will die.


Edit: That is assuming that the build shown is the one you use, if not I'm sorry for ranting on 🙂


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