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Remember and screenshot your fellow random team names if you have an issue!


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Peeved, so a reminder F6 is your screenshot, and DE require names of the players who you have a match with as well as every other detail under the sun to even consider helping if you have any issue in game, due to leaving players, host migration, or Network issues.


Playing last night, Nightwave wants 3 sorties so that is what I decide to do.


Do my Tyl Regor sortie, Final sortie mission and Network issue pops up a couple of times, but the game plays on I am doing fine, so continue playing.

Final mission ends, no reward. I check reward table, it states a Riven. I check my riven slots, I have plenty off space. Check Nightwave, no sortie complete. Check sortie, it states complete.

I used to use screen print to get screenshots on other games, so use screenshot to take images thinking they would save, nothing. Get up this morning and think, I will try suport, find out I have no screenshot.

Find F6 works this morning, take shots of my last received mods, and the Sortie and Nightwave tab for sortie mission, obvious and clear no Riven received yesterday.

Take a shot of Nightwave, it shows clearly no Sortie complete.

Take a shot of sortie, it clearly shows sortie complete and Riven as a reward.

Take a shot of my mods, it clearly shows no riven received.


Thinking those three shots would be evidence enough of me doing a sortie but receiving no Riven, I send the pictures to Support.


They send an automated reply asking what sort of mission it was, what was lost, and the names of the other players. And it says screenshots are not acceptable, txt is.


Well I cannot provide the names as that was lost last night, and the message I sent clearly stated the Tyle Regor sortie, with screenshots of the sortie, of nightwave, and it shows the Riven was a reward, my recent mods show no Riven. So what point is there to adding files if an automated response tells you they are not admissable?

I do not think the Network issue was an issue as I did 45% of the damage, there were three of us, and I picked up and used the key for the Mobile Defence with no problem, scoring orange in all after games results above my two random team mates.






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I'm pretty sure they require the names of the other squad members to confirm that the session the item is from did happen (if others got it successfully and you didn't), or it just saves them the legwork they don't have time for to find the session themselves.

The screenshots you provided don't prove you didn't receive a Riven; they can just as well prove you got and traded/dissolved one. The NW one could prove a different bug entirely or, without checking its metadata and the log of the mission in question, have been taken prior to the mission.


However this is entirely conjecture on my part.

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You cant fake recent mods, a complete sortie, and nightwave showing no sortie complete.


Was unaware of recent player on any list, but not much use as I was doing missions since that being unaware my screenshots had not saved via printscreen button.


One trash Riven lost I guess. And a day behind in my Nightwave sortie mission.

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Well support got back to me.


They seem to think it was bugged as they checked and I have received a Riven and Nightwave shows one Sortie done.


I really am not sure how to take that, will double check when I get home, but it really isnt good if support are looking at the sortie I did last night and received a melee riven for.


I bet support have not even looked at the Tyl Regor sortie screen shot. Or times on the ticket. But there is me doubting.


Cant imagine them thinking I do one sortie a week when Nightwave requires three this week.


Yesterdays last sortie was a job too as two whiners kept jumping from post to post, then quit due to it being difficult leaving two of us to rotate 4 points. 

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I would respond to support and try to explain why they might be seeing one sortie complete and a riven in inventory.

I would try to avoid making any mention of how much of a "job" it was to complete the sortie, or what you "can't imagine them thinking," or what you "bet support have not even looked at." That information isn't very useful to the support rep, and you accusing the support rep of thinking something or not doing something probably isn't going to encourage said support rep to put any additional effort into resolving your problem.

23 hours ago, SastusBulbas said:

You cant fake recent mods, a complete sortie, and nightwave showing no sortie complete.

Although you might think those things conclusively prove that you lost out on a riven doesn't mean that support has discretion to simply take your word/evidence for it. Your support rep might be bound by procedures and/or levels of proof that have to be met before a lost item can be granted.

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I was simply going by his reply, manner, and assumption. 


My screenshots clearly showed a complete Tyl Regor sortie, no recent rivens in my recent mods, and Nightwave showing no sortie.


The next sortie popped up yesterday, I completed that second sortie too despite players leaving on the final Jupiter mission.

That second sortie with two players leaving has no bearing on the bugged 1st sortie that shows as complete but not in nightwave nor a reward given.


Not exactly hard to see the previous bugged sortie was Tyl Regor. And that yesterdays completed sortie is not.

Just like todays sortie did not end with yesterdays interception mission on Jupiter. Nor the mobile defence of Tyl Regors last sortie mission that bugged.


As shown in screenshots that apparently prove nothing.


So let me guess, support will look and see two rivens now with two sorties and assume some bug gave me two rewards.


Because beleiving three screenshots showing the issue is harder to believe than me having completed two sorties "SINCE" submitting the damn ticket.



Shakes head n walks away.....



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