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Vent Kids / K-Drive races missing


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Hey DE how has it been

I just wanted to inform you that Orb Valis seems to have a tiny problem involving the vent kids and their races. My problem is that they're just gone... completely... as in they don't show up either on the map, minimap or at all. The same issue was described in another post right here:

which has been submitted half a year ago. I hope you can fix it and bring the vent kids back to where they belong because they are a) mentioned in an acchievement which I haven't unlocked yet and probably won't be able to be till they come back and b) a good place to get some reputation and exp with the hoverboard combined with some fun.

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From the wiki:


There are 22 races scattered across the Orb Vallis, however only 5 are active at a time. The active races refresh daily, at the same time as Daily Tribute and Standing limits. If you have built a custom K-Drive, you can check the currently-available races by mounting it and then opening the map.

If you aren't on a custom k-drive, you have to search manually and be within 200m to see the icon. Here's the locations for today:




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