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Suggestion for Ephemera


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Hi '-'
I didn't find the idea anywhere, so I suggest it myself..
What do you think about the possibility of equipping a "step ephemera", and a "body ephemera", at the same time '-' ?

I've just acquired Eidolon ephemera, perfect for Revenant, but.. I'm sad of abandonning smoking body..
The two effect at the same time would be nice I think..
And I don't see any reason of conflit between them..

Maybe one day there will be an ice body ephemera, and Frost main will want it in combination with freezing step..
Same for Volt, Oberon, Ember/Nezha..

Maybe somebody will think that 2 ephemera is too much to ask..
To counter that I suggest that it will only be possible on formated warframe, like the 2 energy color.

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Il y a 2 heures, (XB1)RDeschain82 a dit :

Only if I can put Ephemeras on my operator too

hm.. I thought about that, but I think it makes no sense..
It seem more appropriate to consider that ephemera effect is a production by the warframe energy, rather than just a cosmetic we can put on anything..
I mean, if operator ephemera should be a thing, I would prefer it to be exclusive ephemera, like special little aura with different texture..
And most importantly, it must has a Void style aspect.

Thanks for all the appreciations for the idea guys  :D

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