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Can't return to primary after using codex scanner with no melee & secondary equipped


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I figured out if I unequip my melee and secondary then go on a mission, after I do a codex scan I cannot easily get back to my primary weapon. Maybe this has been a thing since Buried Debts was released, 24.5.0(?)

I have to either open the gear wheel and select the scanner +again+ or go into operator mode, run, then back to 'frame, to rematerialize with the primary in hand.

After a codex scan:

If I have primary + secondary (no melee), I can hit "X" to quick-switch back to secondary, then again to get primary.

If I have primary + melee (no secondary), I can hit "A" to quick-switch/attack with melee then "X" to switch to primary or "ZR" to quick fire / select primary.

What I would -expect- with no melee or secondary equipped is when I scan something (ZR set to scan) I should then be able to hit "X" to switch back to my Primary.

Is "X" supposed to select my secondary only? Can it be changed to switch back to -either- primary or secondary, whichever was equipped before I selected the codex scanner? (or potentially anything else from my gear wheel - haven't tested other things.) 


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