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The game randomly freezes.


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This has been a pretty big problem for me since i started playing Warframe, but I always thought the issue was on my end, so never really gave too many flying F-s about it, until recently I got a new GPU / OS, and I started experiencing the same thing over and over and over again, which made me start googling the issue. 

Now, the game randomly freezes on the screen, but i can still hear the sound, I can still hear me pressing ESC, or using abilities, which means the game does NOT completely freeze down, only the screen. 


I've tried updating every single driver. I've tried reinstalling the game, TWICE, both on Steam and Discord. I checked the files multiple times. My GPU drivers are completely up to date, with the newest Adrenaline ( 2019 June 24th), I tried changing the Direct X from 11 to 10, back from 10 to 11, neither worked. Played around with settings (tried from lowest to highest), nothing. And yes, I use windows 10 64 bit version, completely up to date, and no, my antivirus didn't conflict with any of the game files while downloading the game, or the updates.

I quite literally lost ATLEAST 20.000 kuva only because of this, because even if I quickly force my game to close and try to reconnect, I still lost all my rewards upon joining back, so there's no point in even going back at that point. This happens every single day, on completely random times. It can happen when I am playing solo, or if I am in a squad. I'm actually scared to start a longer survival mission, because my game can just laugh at my face and make me lose all my stuff that I worked for. 

It happened in index, arena, survival, even sortie, which ACTUALLY made me lose my reward, but it was marked finished, so I couldn't do sh*t. 

At this point any help would be appreciated, because the more I lose (my time, and resources) the more it makes me not want to play anymore. And this is not only me, it happens to lots of others, who thinks the same way, and just thinks it's on their / our end, which is definitely not the case. 

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I have the exact same problem. It almost always happens after around 4 missions, sometimes during an Eidolon hunt, and it's been a problem for at least a year. The only time it's been fine is when my hard drive got fried, and my computer was mostly clean of everything. I'm not dedicating my PC to only play Warframe and nothing else.

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This happens to me sometimes as well. But I noticed strange detail, this freezing might happen when you optimise cache in launcher. I was playing almost month without optimised cache and everything was fine ( or maybe I was lucky).

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