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Energy persist as default: Trinity Prime Articula helmet, Synoid Heliocor


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Trinity Prime Articula: Energy color of the animated lines on helmet persists as the default red.

They also flicker red when exiting trin appearance tab, back to the arsenal, for approx 1 frame.

Bizarrely, when set to default, these lines appear as a discordant green, instead of the red they should be. This bug disappears (returning them to the proper red) for 1/8 of a second when exiting trin prime's appearance menu (back to main arsenal).


Synoid Heliocor: Energy color persists as default, except when actively editing. While editing (selecting colors), the parts taking on the energy color appear as expected, however, as soon as a color is selected, returns to rendering as default colors. Particle effects when striking things are colored as expected.

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