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Nightwave completed challenge resets to 0


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I was doing a survival fissure and completed daily "Sharing is caring" challenge from Nightwave. I get Nora saying I did good, the visual effect of a completed challenge appears but when I go back to the orbiter and look up on Nightwave screen the challenge is not completed and my standing doesn't have the extra 1k points. DE pls fix.

More information below:

So it happened twice to me. I don't know what is the source of it and how to reproduce it but I may have some useful info:

  1. I think the bug only occurs with daily challenges.
  2. I think it may have to do with you having more than one daily challenge opened.
  3. Completing a challenge in one mission isn't a must because the first time I encountered the bug I've done like 50/150 of killing in one mission last week.
  4. It may have to do with me playing my first mission of the day.
  5. I was host both times.
  6. An excepert from EE.log:

746.132 Sys [Info]: Created /Lotus/Interface/ChallengePopUp.swf
746.132 Sys [Info]: LotusProfileData::NotifyWorldStateChallengeCompleted for challenge /Lotus/Types/Challenges/Seasons/Daily/SeasonDailyKillEnemiesWithViral
746.336 Sys [Info]: Created /Lotus/Interface/Transmission.swf
746.344 Script [Info]: Updated pulled nextQueued: /Lotus/Sounds/Dialog/Nightwave/NoraWolfSaturnSix/DDayDone0330NoraNight
746.344 Script [Info]: GetPortraitLevel
746.344 Script [Info]: Check Streamer Mode    false
746.352 Sys [Info]: Didn't find exact match (portrait region) clearing background
746.352 Sys [Info]: Starting new background region: /Lotus/Levels/Lore/NoraNightPortrait.level
746.353 Sys [Info]: Loading region
746.354 Sys [Info]: Region server created 10 new objects. [Heap: 1,136,106,752/1,194,721,280 Footprint: 3,582,259,200 Handles: 1,304]
746.354 Sys [Warning]: /Lotus/Levels/Lore/NoraNightPortrait.level: no player spawns
746.354 Sys [Info]: Initial update of physics complete [Heap: 1,136,111,632/1,194,721,280 Footprint: 3,582,259,200 Handles: 1,304]
746.354 Sys [Info]: RegionMgrImpl::SetLevel /Lotus/Levels/Lore/NoraNightPortrait.level
746.354 Sys [Info]: Finished new region
746.354 Script [Info]: GetPortraitLevel
746.354 Script [Info]: Check Streamer Mode    false
746.361 Sys [Info]: Connectivity update flags: 1, requires full update: 2
747.106 Sys [Warning]: Could not print /Lotus/Language/Subtitles/Nightwave/DDayDone0360NoraNight in _en (stripped).

That's all the info I have.

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Corrected title.
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