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Lore Behind Illiad.


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So basically vor and kril team up, so i wondered what the backstory of it was, so i thought this up.


After vor failed to capture you in the tutorial, the queens sent him to phobos to take it over, but they sent kril to bolster morale and make sure Vor does not screw up again, When you get to Phobos and start tearing everything up, they decide to team up and take out the bounty on your head within the grineer empire.

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I actually thought of it as such.

Tenno defeats Vor on Mercury.

Queens send him to Kril for punishment (as hinted in the lore)

Tenno come, forcing Vor and Kril to grudgingly work together

Tenno kill Vor and Kril, ending their storyline.


But there is a lot of room for more lore of course

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Well you see..


Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera came to Zeus asking who was the most beautiful. Zeus, knowing it's a bad idea to choose between his daughter, his wife, and the goddess of Love, decided that the young man Paris would decide.


Each goddess offered Paris something to choose her as the most beautiful. Athena offered wisdom; Hera offered political power; and Aphrodite offered the most beautiful mortal woman to be his wife. Obviously, Paris chose Aphrodite.


But, there was a problem: The most beautiful mortal woman (Helen) was already married to a man named Menelaos. This, of course, wouldn't stop Aphrodite; she's a goddess, she can basically do what she wants. Thus, Helen was given to Paris, at Troy (or sometimes referred to as Ilium).


This &!$$ed off Menelaos something fierce, so he and his brother Agamemnon gathered up a bunch of bad-&#! dudes (Achilles, Odysseus, Diomedes, Aias, the other Aias, et cetera), and started a war to get his wife back.


Ten years of looting, pillaging, and enslaving later, this group of gangbusters is on their way to the shores of Troy, and Homer's epic picks it up from there.





And that's the lore behind the Iliad!

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