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The New Warframe Starter Bundle!


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The Origin System can be a hostile place, especially when you’re a recently awakened Tenno just starting out! Luckily we’ve compiled a bundle of great items you can put to good use. The new Warframe Starter Bundle is full of gameplay boosters as well as some unique Cosmetics you can apply to your Warframe and set yourself apart. 

The Warframe Starter Bundle is limited to one purchase per account and includes:

  • 300 Platinum - Warframe’s In-Game Currency!
  • 7 Day Affinity Booster - Level Up twice as fast!
  • 7 Day Credit Booster - Earn 2x the Credits!
  • 1 Essential Base Damage Mod Bundle - Apply these mods to your Weapons for an instant Damage boost!
  • 1 Orokin Reactor - Upgrade the Mod Capacity of your Warframes!
  • 1 Orokin Catalyst - Upgrade the Mod Capacity of your Weapons!
  • 1 Warframe Slot - Add New Warframes to your collection with more Warframe Slots!
  • 2 Weapon Slots - More Inventory Space for Weapons in your Arsenal
  • 1 Pyra Syandana - During the Orokin Era, only most fierce warriors were permitted to wear this flaming Syandana.
  • Kumuda Glyph (Starter Pack Exclusive) - Show your Warframe Pride with this exclusive Glyph you can display in your Profile! 
  • Kumuda Sigil (Starter Pack Exclusive) - Pay respect to the Lotus with this elegant Sigil you can apply to your Warframes!

We’ve updated our Starter Bundle to offer you more items, and improve existing goodies so you get even more value! Now for the price of a 370 Platinum pack you can get so much more to kickstart your Warframe journey!

For more information on the items or how the Starter Pack can help you, check this out!

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This is what we got from the old starter pack:

300 Platinum 
3-Day Resource and Affinity Boosters
1 Hawk Mod Pack containing 5 random mods
1 Streamline Mod 
1 Orokin Catalyst
1 Orokin Reactor
1 Pyra Syandana 
1 Nava Glyph
1 Nava Sigil 

With exception to the unique glyphs from the old pack and the same platinum amount this is an upgrade in every single way. Kinda regret buying the old one now since I don't even like the old glyph and sigil that much. Giving compensation or offering this starter pack at a discount to the old starter pack owners would be nice. 

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56 minutes ago, (XB1)RDeschain82 said:

Better yet, can we have the new one for free and keep the old one?

Yeah I rather just be given the new glyph and sigil for free and keep the original also not worried about the rest of the starter pack 

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Man, a cosmetic that would basically be the only thing I would be paying for since my MR 26 ass doesn't need everything else...


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Could we get the option to delete duplicate cosmetics since they are useless? I would love to get this pack, but don't want to have to deal with clutter. All you need to do is an a confirm delete box like what WoW and other games do if you are concerned about players deleting their only copy.




EDIT: This Bundle appears to not give duplicate Pyra Syandana, so it is safe to buy for anyone who already owns it.

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