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Khora stuff n' things



Haro peepz

I've been forming my Khora (finally) and I'm running into a conundrum... Energy or tankiness/utility? 

The current build is something like this:

- Rejuvenation / CP / Sprint boost (deppending on faction/mode) 

- Handspring

- Umbral set (vitality, fiber and intensify) 

- P. Continuity

- Stretch

- Augur Reach (or augments) 

- Adaptation

As much as I love this current build I just can't stop feeling like I'm missing something energy wise, should I replace something with rage or the outer hunter mod for that or should I bite my laziness and actually farm some arcanes for that effect? (yea I've been that lazy) 

Zenurik's dash does help but I still feel I require more energy that I get after the lvl120 mark for some reason... 

Any help will be appreciated. 


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You don't need all the Umbral set, just Umbral Intensify and Umbral Vitality. Go Fleeting Expertise + Streamline for energy issues, Accumlating Whipclaw for extra damage and then build Range (Overextended mostly)/Duration for everything else you need. This is what I felt was best for Energy Issues + Some amount of Health. You'll be slaughtering pretty much everything for an extremely long time to come before anything even gets close to you. 

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