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TYROKK - Grineer Heavy Shotgun


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This was a warm-up painting that ended up turning into something a little more involved. I had an idea for a Grineer shotgun that has two firing modes.

5-round magazine that fires lots of Slash damage shrapnel in a very wide, very short-range cone.

Hold the trigger to combine each of the rounds in the mag (increasing damage by 5% for each round consumed) to form a single Brimstone Slug. Release to fire the slug at longer ranges. The slug procs a guaranteed Impact stagger, with a high chance to burn the target. After a 1-second fuse burn, the slug detonates from within the target to deal heavy Slash damage to enemies within 6 meters.

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6 minutes ago, (XB1)B1ueKarou said:

310 base heat with base 25 crit chance? i wouldnt complain, sounds like a destroyer radiation build imho. and if you get a riven for it, broken.

im all for it tbh

Yeah, my stats are outta control, as I've been told over on reddit.  But at least I got to draw something cool.

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