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Can we get a better reticle option, please?


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The current reticle is tiny, low-contrast, and as a bonus, it fades to ~50% opacity when sprinting, which is 99% of the time that we're not aiming. Especially on maps with lots of snow or bright lights, it can become very easy to lose sight of it.

The option for a simple white dot with black outline would go a long way, though the more options the better. Or, a high-visibility ring with an option to change the size anywhere between a dot and a large circle in order to leave the actual sight picture unobstructed.

Bonus points if aiming causes the map to fade to 0% opacity instead of ~30%. Especially on maps like Ceres and Europa with very large rooms, the map regularly covers 2/3rds of the screen and makes the low-visibility of the reticle even more problematic.

Thank you.

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