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Wisp augments


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 Who knows, honestly. I'd definitely like a 3 augment that makes enemies walk towards Wisp while blind though. Maybe cut the blind duration itself in half, but now enemies wander dumb and blind towards her or her clone (whichever snagged it with the 3). You'd be able to herd enemies this way. Potentially ridiculously powerful considering her synergies against clustered foes..

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I'd like to see one that makes her 3 behave more like the earlier concept where the reservoirs would emit the cc instead of Wisp herself. Preferrably with a different effect depending on type of reservoir like lifesteal from vitality, slow down by haste, and stun from shock.

It would be interesting to use strategically on more static missions like interception and defense, or whatever mission where you want to control certain points of your surroundings.

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4 hours ago, (PS4)robotwars7 said:

an Augment for her 4 that makes several mini-suns and has a wide-angle beam (but reduced damage per beam), so that it can clear rooms even faster! PRAISE THE SUN, OR FEEL IT'S FIERY EMBRACE!! \o/

This, more or less, this.

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Hmm lets have a think,

For her 1, all 3 pods come down together with 1 push with double the range and look like a bigger pod with 3 heads,

For her 2, She puts down the ghost where she was standing that acts like a decoy and is able to fly about invisible for a duration,

For her 3, it would be useful if all those effected would walk to the point you casted from, a bit like ivaras lure arrow,

For her 4, maybe this 😛 Related image

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well her'es some spitballing ideas

augment for her 1 changes each mote

increases mote range by 30% 

vigor mote now shoots breach surge looking shots at targets that wander in the area dealing fire based damage

haste mote now inflicts cold procs on enemies that wander in and deals light cold damage every second

Shock mote now buffs ally weapons with electricity damage

augment for her 4 lets you hold and consume 150 energy and set a sol gate that spins around in a circle a few times taking each mote with it when you do for increased effectiveness.

augment for her 2 that will place a random mote on teleport to her will-o-wisp location for free.


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