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Bug - Infested Tumor Ayatan Stars unobtainable


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there is a bug that causes Infested Tumor Ayatan Stars to be unobtainable, due to their awkward placements in the environment, it's very likely that — if an Ayatan Star is dropped — it will get stuck inside the walls, making it unobtainable.

this is a known problem with Hive missions.

the location of the Tumor was on the roof and when destroyed, the Ayatan Star was left inside the roof and too far to reach for pickup. i wasted a bit of time just trying to see if i could get it.
in some causes i have managed to wall latch and pickup items (this time, even that didnt get me close enough, as you will see from the screenshot link below)


from my own experience this is an issue with multiple items that require an action to pickup, although most commonly from Infested Tumor Ayatan Stars.

the solution i think would be the best initially is, increasing the action pickup range by 1 to 2 meters.
as it stands now, you have to be almost on top of the item to pick it up, which has caused problems picking up items

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