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Problem With Pick-Up Groups


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It works for the first few times I have the "Online" setting on when choosing a mission, but after doing a few pick-ups, I'll randomly stop being able to join people.  I click on the mission I want and it will go into "looking for session" or whatever, then the screen will twitch and it will go to "Waiting for Players".  At this point I can't back out of the mission (back and zoom out do not work), nor can I start the mission on my own and wait for others to join me.  To be able to play again (in Private mind you) I have to fully restart the game, simply logging out doesn't fix the problem as it logs me out but the "zoom out" "back" and "exit" buttons that are usually in the bottom left when choosing a mission/planet remain even on the login screen.  Anyone else getting this issue?  Started yesterday for me.

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