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Mastery rank affinity lost.

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On 2019-06-26 at 1:27 AM, (PS4)Warframebasics said:

G'day, I'm Mastery Rank 12 and before the 01.73 update I'm at a quarter of affinity level for my mastery bar, I was roughly around 3 quarters. Is this a glitch that will fix itself after gaining curtain amount of xp or do I need to contact someone about this? 

The visual indicator sometimes glitches and is not a reliable indicator of your actual mastery.  What matters is the MR XP that you have.  If that has decreased, then you should put in a support ticket.

ETA:  Most likely the actual XP you have has not decreased.  You can always check by adding up your weapons/frames/etc and the amount you've gotten from junctions and nodes to see if it all adds up.

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