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Holy crap, how do I explain 5+ glitches happening at once?

(XBOX)Xeries Dark

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Playing the Sortie Spy tonight as Loki P (1 other Loki P was there as well) and was invisible when activating a console to hack it when the hacking mini game just didn't appear. I ran out of invis and then couldn't leave the console or do anything other than pull up the main menu. Once I did that, I could move again but couldn't activate the console so I went invis again and instantly froze doing the hacking animation and nothing else. I tried to switch to my Operator because the main menu wouldn't unfreeze me. When I did, my Operator was way back at the start of the level. I tried running my Operator to the console where my Loki was and still couldn't hack the console. When I activated the console my Loki disappeared from the map and I couldn't switch back to him. During this time I could move my Operator but he walked a foot above most floor surfaces or objects and couldn't slide, jump, use any Zenurik abilities, or fire my Amp. Then the other Loki came over and couldn't hack the console either but didn't glitch out like I was. So I just sat and waited and wrote this. Then, without pressing any buttons, my Operator teleported back to Loki. Still couldn't move but no hacking animation was going, just my normal Titania Noble animations. Then a 3rd Loki joined that hacked the console even though I still couldn't. This finished the mission and he force extracted us. 

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