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Anti-Grav Array Feedback


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After using the mod for about a month or so, I found that the mod causes more hardships than be useful.

I find myself constantly waiting to reach max height, due to the "floatiness," or waiting to fall because I feel like I'm on Zephyr. I also have problems overshooting ledges or going too high because the geometry or size of certain levels, like the Uranus tilesets. 

The extra height causes me go over to the next level or platform that I wanted because I don't jump at normal heights.

I think instead of adding extra jump height, it should of been a third jump giving the ability to triple jump. Where it would be useful to jump a little higher the extra jump will be useful and there would not be a problem where I would get too much height on a single jump.

Since I do a lot of spy missions, the extra jump also causes me to activate/trigger alarms and/or be seen by sensors due to the geometry or size of the room.

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