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Less Intrusive PoE Events


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As Plague Star is wrapping up and we get a Ghoul Purge in the last days of it, I just really need to speak my mind on these events:

Please make them less intrusive.

I'm pretty new to the game but I've already gotten everything I wanted from Ghoul Purge and Plague Star is just a buggy obnoxious mess, so when I'm out on the Plains, I'm grinding Quill and Ostron standing. Yet as I'm defending vaults or killing Eidolons, I'm also getting swarmed by Infested and Ghouls. If you're really unlucky, you get the Rescue mission that immediately activates the bomb collar because some Infested decided to spawn in the middle of the group.

And that's not even including the chance that an Eidolon or Thumper can wander right into the camp you're trying to defend whether an event is going or not.

There's just too much going on in the Plains once a single event hits, let alone a double event. At least with Thermia Fractures, it's easy to opt out of. As it stands, I find it really hard to choose to go onto the Plains to get the Amp I pretty desperately need.

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