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2 slot Ephemera please, 1 for body and 1 for step.


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I've wanted them to work through Invisibility for a while now.

Operator sounds great also, esp since a similar effect through Blood Sigil is already a thing.

I'd make a side-note about graphical noise just cuz I have PTSD from recent Simulor / Staticor graphics but not worth more than a mention.

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Il y a 2 heures, Birdframe_Prime a dit :

So... what about the Path Ephemera that already do both?

Fae Path Ephemera does particles while walking, wich rise up quickly at the height of the body.. but not when we stand still, so it's a step ephemera.
But I see the potential issue.. maybe some combinations will have overlap problem.. ( Fae particles blending with smoking body trace.. )
hm.. Maybe tag some ephemera to be incompatible to others, like when we equip syndical sigil, if we have one on the front, we can't have one on the back.
Or maybe this will not be a problem at all ^^'

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