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nightwave: nothing beyond the rank 15?


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so i just got 10K/10K full after reaching rank 15... i had expected it to go on at least the way it was last time after we finished rank 30 (or was it 20? anyway...).

is this on purpose, was it forgotten to expand or does it just take some time/re-login to go on? i wouldn't mind getting another umbra forma (if in case you don't know what to put in as rewards ^^)

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2 hours ago, Hobie-wan said:

Per the announcement, it is only 15, there is no prestige as it isn't a regular season.

what a bummer... though that still is not really giving "access" to "things" like she said - at least not after you're done reaching rank 15 (which is what everyone who did every challenges up to day, has reached). they could have simply do the prestige thing like with after we reached the max rank during the wolf season, even if only with the little amount of payment - this way people could have got the aura mods and cosmetics (and potatos too, even though that would have been 50k standing with this t get one...).

anyway, thanks for clearing this up (didn't read the announcement and didn't know therefore).

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