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Lato Vandal Barrel Hunt


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I've been itching to finally build the lato vandal since it came out. I even got a riven not too long after it dropped in Elite Sanctuary onslaught.

Think of the potential. Think of the beautiful, beautiful shine on a pistol like that. I've only recently got the blueprint and the receiver. 

I only ask that 3 people on xbox help me get that final piece. The final component to something a loser like me could only dream of.

I need to get to round 8 or even further beyond, if we can. The focus is to do this, over and over. Until someone drops out, and the rest of the squad gives up.

That or any of you get bored and start a chain reaction of "_____ left the squad"

I don't have the platinum to buy it. I doubt anyone will trade me for it. That's why I'm willing to go all the way, even forma some things just to have an excuse to get back in there.

If anyone can read this, consider helping a veteran have some fun. Gamertag is Jakimw25. Let me know if you're up for it.

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