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Zenith: Reloading too fast after activating secondary fire effectively bricks using it


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I've been experiencing this bug for over a month now, wanting to tear all of my body's hair off every time it happens during an endless mission, and only just now was able to pinpoint the... Extremely easy to do and interesting cause.

Exactly what happens from this bug: Every time you try to use your secondary fire mode on the Zenith, and shoot one bullet, the weapon instantly detonates it's wallhack projectile and forces you to reload, switching back to full auto. This bug will occur indefinitely afterwards until you leave the mission, as far as I've been able to test goes, even through host migrations.

Cause: Literally: Simply reload the weapon too quickly after activating the secondary fire. If done within less than roughly 2 seconds, I can get this to occur with near 100% accuracy. Middle click, left click, reload, and you're good.

I don't exactly have any other friends who have played enough to get the Zenith, so if anyone can confirm this has been happening to them/they can replicate it in some fashion, I might not go insane.


EDITIt seems that this glitch occurs, actually, more often, if you have less lag. In the Simulacrum, I was able to perform this with 100% accuracy. However, upon entering solo missions, it took 1-3 tries to have it occur. And upon entering a mission where I was not the host, it occurred a few waves of use in. I can only assume this means it's something registering too fast in the code and getting stuck.

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Update on lag's effects with the bug.
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