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Dear Sheldon And All The De Staffs


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Thank you for an apology letter. I've always admired you guy's transparency and honesty when it comes to in-game purchases and the ability to keep equality among free players and founders or paid players. But for you to go out on such a way to apologize to the player masses is truly admirable. Some people might say its the company's responsibility to apology to the players when it makes a mistake but that's not really true in modern game companies. Companies like E@ or N--on makes mistakes all the time and refuses to admit their mistakes, but that's not the point. As one of the many founders for warframe, I'm truly glad that I supported a company that treats its customer like people and not just cash cows. Moving on to my actual point, during the U10 and tenno weaponries update, we as players have seen many up and downs in the new updates and have spoken about it. I being one of the only person that complained about the gap between the tenno weaponries and all hostile faction's weaponries ( soma practically replaces every single primary weapons in game) and the acrid, kunais including despairs(yes, the mutagen mass is harvested fro the infestation but i believe the weapon itself is made by the tennos), While most of us made formal complaints and remain respectful, some have lost their cool and become rather disrespectful and childish. As one of the players, I believe the players owes an apology to DE as well, so without further comments. We apology for our irrational behaviors and hateful comments towards you guys and we hope we can keep working together as company and players in the future to make warframe the most successful free to play game this world has ever seen. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time.

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