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Disconnecting from servers should not automatically count as "Mission Failure," especially during free roam


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I have a slightly subpar internet connection, which causes me to occasionally lose connection to the servers. If this happens, even for a moment, I am immediately returned to the menu. Normally this is fine, if a bit annoying -- however, a few times now, it has happened at the end of a 30+ minute free roam. Fishing, mining, hunting, etc. Since a disconnect is counted as a mission failure, I automatically lose everything that I have collected, and expended items (such as baits) are not refunded! Similarly, disconnecting after the mission objective is complete (but before extraction) is counted as a failure.

I propose that resources collected from free roam, or from missions after all objectives are complete, should go to the player even if they disconnect before reaching extraction


A system that is better at handling connection issues. Ex. warning players when they have a bad connection, allowing them to play offline for a short while, adding an option to wait/re-establish connection instead of immediately returning to menu.

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