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How Good Is Frost?



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Is avalanche any good?

Avalanche is mostly defensive. It's damage falls off at higher levels where enemy armor scales into space, but it also Freezes things in place for a dew seconds, which is a life saver in a pinch.


And to remove any ambiguity, yes I would recommend Frost.

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As Frost is my main go to for defensive missions.

To play frost you must like standing like a statue.
Snow Globe the pod and stay there and keep away anyone who tries to come close.

Your avalanche skill lacks power after the 30's but if you go against Corpus, the dmg scaling is high. It does up to 7k dmg to MOAs not the crewman.
Ice wave too. Like Volt, he is only good for Corpus.

But in Defence, He is invaluable.

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Frost is amazing when you get used to staying inside his Snowglobe at all times, especially at higher levels when even Corpus Crewmen can melee your shields right off. Frost's main problem is that as you move up enemy levels, two of his skills become highly situational and one becomes useless.


Unlike Rhino Frost is vulnerable to stunlocking if he doesn't drop his Snowglobe fast enough and he doesn't have any panic button as effective as Charge, Iron Skin or Stomp at stopping incoming damage instantly (well, stopping it for several seconds). Avalanche kind of fits but it doesn't create space for him to do anything else if enemies survive due to the instant recovery.

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