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Extraction Insta Death


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Anyone else had this happen to them?  Lately while waiting at extraction for teammates, my warframe suddenly suffers MASSIVE damage practically one-hit killing me. This has happend to me on several planets including EARTH. My warframe of choice is a multi Forma Lv30 Rhino Prime and it killed me on Earth while I had over 3500 left of Iron Skin. This never happened before the recent extraction updates.

Update: After it happened several more times, I noticed a pattern. It seems to happen only while standing still and not moving the camera for about 10 seconds. I begin to hear a sound like the count down timer from a Grineer Seeker's Latcher grenade. This happens even in Corpus levels. I managed to activate Iron Skin right before it happened once and it added over 7,000 bonus armor.

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