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K-drive for Warframes, but why not rollers for Operators ? [Suggestion]


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I've heard about the possibility of k-drive for operator, and the worry about violent fall off, ragdoll, etc..

But why not consider rollers ?
They exist for some corpus units, futuristic rollers..
I can understand that rollers will not fit on every warframe, but on the operator, it should be easier, isn't it ?
Plus, it could be a serious addition to their cool kid attitude, and to their mobility. With no energy to dash, operator are slow, even with maxed passive, at least compared with a warframe.
And because it's not a plank, it's doesn't restrict their movements, this could lead to very fluid combo movements with their void's dash.

And if they violently fall off, they go back into their warframe, without letting a k-drive behind ^^

Awaiting reactions ^^

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