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The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.2.4


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6 minutes ago, FlamingCore said:

Will baro be selling Primed chamber then?
as in "Everything he ever sold"
Kinda indicates that since he USED to sell it....


Also he never sold Primed chamber, it was originally distributed to the top 100 ranked players in the Informant Event.

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9 minutes ago, Signs said:


Please fix the codex (somehow) , many enemies cannot be scanned or accessed anymore. Nightwatch enemies, artificer, special hives, Normal Stalker, Misery.. Many more still not scanable.

P.S Wukong sucks (kill me in these comments)

Wukong is good now tho

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22 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed 2 Kuria collectibles damaged by neuro-carnivorous memes in the Gas City tileset. Cat hunters rejoice.

This kuria is still stuck in the wall so I'm not sure about the "2" you fixed. 1-2 is fixed but what-ever the one above is, is still inside level geometry.

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Wukong rework.

Ok so, this are my opinions on the Wukong rework as the 25/06/19; I won’t comment on what is fine as to avoid a wall of text.

Passive: very nice

Celestial Twin: Very nice, but my issue is with the AI being a bit dumb, especially with the use of the primal fury, when it often just follows you and everything is killed by you.

Cloud walker: Very nice

Primal fury: Superb

Defy: Here comes the bad. Defy is bad on so many levels. The idea per se is very good. You have 45% DR with the base 250 armor and that raises to 85% with the 1500 bonus armor. The issues here though are multiple.

1) If you already have armor, let’s say 730(triple umbral mods) then the effect is WAY LESS useful, as armor scaled badly and we already have 70% base DR. With the additional 1500 armor we will get to 88% DR, an improvement of 18% compared to the 40% of before and a total improvement of only 3% from before.

This could be considered a “good thing “as it means that with base armor and the bonus we get a ton of DR, and we don’t need to add armor with mods, but here comes issue number 2.

2) The ability is EXTREMELY expensive with a whopping cost of 50 on a pool of 180. This with a base duration of 25 seconds really makes it annoying to use. Spamming abilities is never funny, especially if they are the way we survive. With 250% armor a face on frame like Wukong kind of needs always the survivability, meaning we should ideally have the ability always on. Considering a normal build with 155 duration and 130 efficiency we will have a duration of 38 seconds and a consumption of 35.  This means we will need to pick up 2 energy orbs (not considering other sources of energy for reasoning sake) ever 40 seconds to be able to keep up a fundamental thing of Wukong’s survival (excluding the very high cost of the 4 (fine though, as it’s very strong) and the use of the 2). Such thing is quite implausible in most missions.

Solutions to point number 1: as for now Defy adds 1500 to base 250. 250x6 is 1500. I would base the ability around this to give more incentive and value to the use of the ability with an improved base armor due use of mods. This means that if I manage to reach 500 armor with mods, my Defy will buff by 500x6=3000; for a total of 3500 armor which is 92% DR compared to the 85% of base armor. I think this is fair because after all a mod slot to increase armor was used. Considering instead the umbral triple set we would have 730x6=4380 armor for a total of 5110 which is 94% DR. Before saying this is OP remember that this requires 3 umbral mods, and you only get 9% more DR compared to base armor of 250.

Solution to point number 2: IF the DR Buff is applied and the ability is as such buffed then I think a simple length increase is more than enough. I would personally just double the base length, so that at 250% duration the buff will last 2 minutes instead of 1 minute. IF instead the DR buff above mentioned is not applied then I think that doubling the ability length and reducing base cost to 35 would be ideal. I will reiterate. Wukong is a melee frame, he is always upfront and personal, his Defy is the ability which makes him the front liner.


Iron staff: excellent weapon, nothing to say, the changes feels very good.

Forward combo: Nice, works nicely

Still combo: INCREDIBLE COMBO, i love to use it and it just feels STRONG.

Still combo+right click: Very good for CC, I almost never use it but I can see the value in it.

Forward combo+right click: This is a good idea badly executed imo. I like the idea very much, the issue though is that a “gap closer” we have either bulletjump and directional slam, or just slide attacking which covers a ton of space. In my opinion an easy fix is just: expand the staff at like half size when doing such attack and make it work like an Arca plasmor projectile that hits all enemies in front. This in a LONG range. The attack must be in a straight line but needs to go much further than normal attacks, so that if can be actively used to attack far enemies than normal staff attacks could not reach. At this point you could either stop, and have as such changed the function from “ gap closure” ( already present in the game by other means ) to " far attack", OR you could keep the “ drop kick “ in but make it 3x or more times more strong ( as in you jump 3x or more times further, maybe stopping if you hit an enemy ).


This concludes my opinions on the rework after a week or testing, putting a mountain of forma on it and playing it a lot. In conclusion the rework is SUPERB but defy feels underwhelming.

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1 minute ago, xMarvin732 said:

Helios Prime says what?
Helios is from Corpus and it got primed.

Helios Prime is the original Orokin-made Helios, normal Helios is the Corpus reverse-engineering of the Prime sentinel. Easy.

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7 minutes ago, Circle_of_Psi said:

What do you think?


I think it's a fair question, and would even go so far as to say that it may have been preferable to not release the rework until such a time wherein they could make use of the given feedback, lest traction be lost and glaring flaws remain as they are.

You dig?

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