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The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.2.4


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Am 29.5.2019 um 14:53 schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

We are looking into this.

After nearly 1 month and many Hotfixes, still no fix - (The Komorex Weapon Research removes 20k Clan Affinity, and Cyanex research removes 17k Clan Affinity) 😞

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vor 40 Minuten schrieb FlamingCore:

Will baro be selling Primed chamber then?
as in "Everything he ever sold"
Kinda indicates that since he USED to sell it....

When has Baro ever sold Primed chamber? I'm 99% sure he never did. I mean it was given out long before Baro was a thing as far as I remember.

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41 minutes ago, Phantom_blu3 said:

please change the chroma's passive depends on abilty color instead of emmsive color. It will help in fashion frame.

Please no LOL having the energy color be the element hurts fashionframe more. Fashionframe isn't just about how you look in your orbiter.

Either make the element separate from BOTH energy and emissive colors, or keep it as it is.

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vor 23 Minuten schrieb xMarvin732:

Helios Prime says what?
Helios is from Corpus and it got primed.

Yeah but only bc sentinels are weird and they kinda maybe broke the rules on that one, but they won't be breaking those rules on something like a weapon that is not tenno gear.

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Since you seem to not be listening, I have some more screaming into the void to do here.  Disregard if you'd be so inclined, or I'd be happy if you forced me to apologize for erroneous assumptions here. 

1) I can fish and mine, but not scan.  The two former allow quick melee to kill your wave spawns, while the later requires reselecting the scanner in the gear wheel.

2) I can scan as an operator, but instead of a quick swap I have to go back into the gear wheel to re-equip the amp.

3) Invisibility means nothing on the Plains and Orb Vallis.  Cloak as Loki, and watch enemies look directly at you while running by.  

4) Orb Vallis still hates the crap out of Limbo.  Enemies randomly are capable of entering the Cataclysm without any influence....and unsurprisingly the spawn beacons are hard locked to standard space.  To kill one you need to go operator, and shoot it with an amp if the Cataclysm is up.

5) Detections in Orb Vallis seem to be on a hair trigger.  I watched a Corpus unit do a 180 degree turn as I snuck by in void mode....only to have it suddenly decide to follow me until my energy ran out.  Nothing like a screen peeping spy.

6) K-Drives suck.  The math is simple here.  No variation based upon input components, being forced to give up mod capacity for mediocre attack potential, being slower fully tricked out than any archwing raw, now defensive boost (read: bullet magnet), and the 20-30 minutes required to power grind levels make it a bad joke.  Instead of nerfing anything else, let's tick off 3 of those 4 boxes for fixes, and offer a reason to grind them beyond MR fodder.

7) Tennocon is coming.  Let's review what has been promised in the last year, or even at the previous Tennocon to cover what we want to see.  Railjack, Pets 2.0, Orb boss 3, planes of Duviri, the New War, Infested Heavy Blade, melee 3.0, and Zephyr custom skin.  All of this has seen at least a few mentions, but seems to evaporate when any scrutiny is offered to the things in question.

8 ) The general discussion of where Nightwave is going is fuzzy at best.  If we're looking at what was delivered, 11 weeks of grind, 3 weeks of awkward silence, 3 weeks of intermission with literally no reason to care once the rewards are earned (no prestige=no bueno, and no reason to do a survival or the daily challenges).  



Hopefully the above can be answered, though I've not taken to holding my breath.  This will likely be another ignored post because I'm attacking the developers, and not wanting to feed the trolls.  It's not like we're trying to communicate flaws in the game, or systems that used to work and now seem to be broken.  It's always a personal attack, and DE never needs to bear responsibility.  They also don't need Open Worlds clogging server space and enough Tennogen to account for a dozen AAA game releases which have zero impact on game play.  It's not like DE has quietly changed practices they maintained for years to avoid gambling laws, while openly accepting praise because the Kubrow color rolls were openly predatory, or even that the price fixing and manipulations with Rivens demonstrates an unwillingness to address some things until it is literally impossible to ignore.  It's not like I want to see the game get better, so I can tell the people on my friends list it's finally worth it to come back.  It's all a perceived hatred, that would be better served by simply hitting that uninstall button. 

Yeah, that sounds right.  I must hate DE, despite the fact that the only person on earth I have the energy to hate is myself.  As I've grown older hate for anyone else is just too expensive, and foolish once you realize that which you hate in others is that which you despise in yourself.

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6 minutes ago, master_of_destiny said:

Since you seem to not be listening, I have some more screaming into the void to do here. 

I feel you man, I've been wanting a fix for the Daman Prime sugatra for well over a year now. It's been getting reported numerous times and still no fix. I get its just a cosmetic but it's something that is being sold for real money and real money only and yet DE doesn't seem to care that they are falsely advertising it in the promo picks as having these amazing physics and yet in game it's all stiff and complete trash. Something that could take them no more than 10 min to fix and it's been well over a year. It's making me go absolute bonkers. Do they not want to fix it? I don't know because they aren't even capable of giving some acknowledgement.

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Thank you for the updates. This is the best game ever when it comes to patching. All the other games I played they just let bugs get out of hand.

There are a lot of players that dont like certain frames and how they seem to dominate maps. Usually this is level 100+ builds being used at lower levels. What about adding a toggle in game options for player level matching?

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed 2 Kuria collectibles damaged by neuro-carnivorous memes in the Gas City tileset. Cat hunters rejoice.

Gonna hold off on the rejoicing. Still can't scan that sweet, chunky 2-1 Kuria, which I am now affectionately calling 'The Roadrunner'. *Meep meep!*

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Clean Wukong's act on his clone with the augment. 

We need universal way of despawning it.

I suggest adding a toggle for clone's actions which also opens opportunity for one or two more commands including "stomp" from the augment.

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