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"Network not responding" issue and preferences reset


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Hello, guys. In the last few days I've been dealing with internet connection instability. In the game, this has been causing a weird and annoying problem: during any part of gameplay, if my connection becomes unstable, I receive the "network not responding" notification onscreen. The problem follows when the game simply resets to the initial loading screen and takes me back to the login. At the login screen, my last used Warframe is not depicted: instead, I get the standard Excalibur. Also, preferences get reset: toggle sprint, which chat windows are displayed, chat window size, the preferred server. What's more: interactions with NPCs also get reset: if I go to Fortuna and talk to any of the characters, I get the standard initial conversation.

Obviously seems like a big issue. Would you guys please check this? Of course my internet connection problem is my own, but that shouldn't entail all those resets in the game.

Thanks in advance.

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Same here....and after trying several times for perfect spy missions (want to get the final piece of Ivara)....I finally manage to make a perfect one....no triggers not even between the 3 hack points.....and at the end "Network not responding" and it said it is retrying to reconnect.....finally clicked abort after 3 times of retry. This is not the first time the "Network not responding" message appears. Right now....after the struggle to get the perfect run....and to finally do it and not get anything.....really makes me drop the game, guys......

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