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Don't know if this is the right category for this, so here goes...

How do i get my achievements to sync across steam and warframe?

I am asking cause I played a bit of warframe a couple of years ago and got a few achievements then I stopped playing; until up about a year ago i came back.

Installed the game through steam, and am getting new achievements, yet the old ones that i got separately aren't unlocked.

Can I get some help on this?

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As far I know, this has been an issue for as long as Warframe exists. I just got back as well after five years and a lot of old achievements on Steam are glitched. Not sure if there's any recourse to it other than using certain tools to force-unlock them. From what I can gather Steam and DE just point finger at each other.

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+following because same, missing over hundred achivements in steam when in game it's 90-100% (even getting a new achivement ie. stay frosty, it didn't trigger the old achivements to pop up as complete over steam)
Doesn't bother me much this , however due to the recent steam "event" it would be quite nice if this had been fixed already, from what I've seen this miss-sync has been a thing for +2y (?)

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