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Nightwave intermission tasks progress resets to before you start your mission


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I'm not sure about you guys, but apparently there's this persistent bug where let's say I finish Kill 150 enemies with a melee weapon and I would receive a "congratz on finishing this task" notification, but whenever I check on whatever missions I have left, it's still there and the amount of kills I get was where it was the same amount before I started the mission. It applies to incomplete tasks as well, like "Complete 3 capture missions" and when I clearly have done 1 and I go do it again, it would reset and give me 1/3 again. It really annoys me when I have to do these tasks to only know that the game doesn't register your completion after you finish and you have to complete it twice. I'm sorry I could not provide pictures to show proof of these bugs, but it has been so consistent it is starting to be really demotivating and it becomes a waste of time just to do an extra mission to complete the same tasks that you just finished a minute ago.

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