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Octavia and her Mandacord Music <3


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After 2 years it dragged me back to Warframe. When i first came online it was overwhelming O.O I instantly felt like a little kid that has opened a surprise box!

I burned through one quest after another to learn how the story went on. It was amazing, i was speechless! My Operator! And yeah I came back to save your little ass Teshin! 😛

The downfall of Cephalon Suda ❤️ And then he came the one and only Cephalon Simaris to help me out at the end. Damn i got really emotional that moment 😛, it was one of these Fairy Tail Anime Moments when all is going to hell and even then we dont give us up! When he pretended that it only could be a failure in his systems that he cared for Suda! Out of my little heart let me thank you for this great fun i had there!

Today is the day i could finish my own Octavia Warframe! Making ma own music or use some amazing community work out there! Octavia stormed my heart in an instant! Even bought that cool Community skin for her!

I beg you on my knees @Warframe Team please expand the possibilities with the Mandacord! Making some music in a game i love is one of the coolest things that can happen! It remembers me on ma old Lord of the Rings online days on the role play server ❤️

mfg Feuerfeder




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vor 8 Minuten schrieb 0_The_F00l:

Yeah, needs manadachord prime with more strings and bells and whistles. 


vor 7 Minuten schrieb zuraith:

Octavia is my main and I support this fully. I feel like I have exhausted the instrument at this point

At the moment i am playing "Waka Waka" the whole time ❤️


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