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Index - Let us select a map or fix map rotation!


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Most of my friends stopped playing Warframe, I am the only one still bullet jumping in my orbiter. 

Two of em suddenly logged into warframe. One needs to do some index, and both of em never got the prodman poster. So we planned an 1 hour run. 

We spent quite some time to set up our gear, we were going to try a non traditional team, 2 rev, sonar and slova. Someone said, lets do a test run. 

First Test queue: Gas city map. None of them played there before. And they both kinda hated it, its dark, huge and shadowy. We all agreed that its better to run on the maps we know, the two oldies that we all love. We quit and re-queue. 
Second Test queue: Gas city map.
We got that third and forth time. One of my friend was so close to quitting. I calmed him down. Mate its just rng, hold on.
Fifth time, we got the open map. Ah, finally, our known credit stomping ground. Test run lasted for 4 waves, we would continue but one forgot to activate his credit booster. 

Time for the final run. 

First Queue: Gas city map. My friend says: if that happens again, I am uninstalling warframe. 
Second Queue: Gas city map. He says, Ok I am a reasonable man, I'll see for one more time. 
Third Queue: Gas city map. I said, you cant quit now, we spent so much time setting up the team. Lets play a wave here then try again.
Forth Queue: Gas city map. He uninstalled the game, and rage quit discord. 

I didnt know what to say. And just trust me, I am not making this up. Out of the 9 try, we never got the football map for once, and 8 times we got the new map that we dont like. 

Just let us pick our map, we know you cant fix anything. 

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I second this, as I said in a previous thread, I do not like index, but I would probably would dislike it less if  I could choose my map.

I don't like the New Gas City map. I get this map 90% or more of the time. I wish this didn't happen.

I realize they want to push the new updates as hard as possible, but when you push it this much, and it's not even good content, I just want to die.

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Then no one will play on the new map. XD
I agree that the new map is horrible and it seems like the game has a higher chance of picking that map. They obviously designed that map to be difficult to move around fluidly, there's just so many stuff blocking you and it's too huge, sometimes I don't find any enemies at all.

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I try to solo Index medium. Got the new map. "Whoa when did this happen?" 5 minutes into the match. "Anyo Corp wins." Score 0 to 10. How the hell did the specters die that fast? And where the hell are the enemies. I even try camping the goals and they still turn in points. Got the map five times and fail it five times. The specter AI needs some work.

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