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Looking For A Eu Based Clan


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Mostly i see US based clans around - and that often means that they are sleeping when i play.


I do not look for a random clan trying to get people to build and research for them  or clans that are put together completely randomly without any thought.


Current clan im in is.. dead - Alsto with massive dojo and all pre update 10 research.


So im looking for  one that would at least have all the pre 10 research done.

Is properly organized and active.

English only.

Dojo isnt a mess and  has a proper layout and design that is easy to navigate.

Voice chat is NOT a requirement (sry, dont like it).


Been playing since before update 7 - with 214h of ingame play time.

Not a platinum user (tho through events/giveaways extended slots soemwhat).

Rank 9.

Currently have Loki, Vauban, Rino and Banshee.

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Our clan is international. There are always players in the afternoon and the evening, european time. And often in the morning, too, from Australia and all. Myself, I live in Europe.


From my experience, a worldwide clan gives better time coverage than a european centered one, whatever the game.



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