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garuda claw's missing mods after host migration


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archived thread wich is unsolved/fixed

So as i tried on 23th june 2019 , the issue encountered is still present, when host(s) leave from survivals or else, garuda's claws (and maybe other melee ? not tried) ultra weak, see original post for further details "..... even combometer and mid health ...dmgs are like "none" , cause before migration , its around 96% status 400 viral and 250 radiation and condition overload... "




So, damage should be around 8-15k+ due to condition overload and 1.5-2x hitcombo , and im not even talking about garuda's passive wich +100% at low health points.

BUT die/revive fix the issue, wich is a very long time  related bug , i remember, have reported here, in 2016 :


Ty in advance (and hope i wont redo the same thread in few month :clem: )


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On 2019-07-09 at 3:08 AM, Silriah said:

2 hotfixes and these weren't even looked at...

2 hotfixes? This bug has been an issue since Garuda's launch!


Don't expect this to be fixed any time soon btw, many people have already reported this issue. This forum post will just reach the archives next to all the other ignored ones 😞

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